Amazon wants to become ‘Everything for Everyone’

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Amazon Global ecommerce giant said it would continue to focus on every geographic segment of India’s online retail market in response to the Flipkart which is targeting the country’s vast rural hinterland and smaller cities as its future growth markets. Amazon sells more than 100 million products -books, electronics, grocery, fashion and lifestyle, and dozens of other categories -and the US behemoth says that over 50% of its orders come from Tier II and Tier III cities.

Many ecommerce executives say that now time has come for India’s ecommerce companies to target specific segments of buyers instead of trying to be everything to everyone. Agarwal of Amazon disagrees.

Amit Agarwal, head of Amazon in India, said in an interview in New Delhi, “Our ambition in India is to become everything for everyone. We don’t think that way (whether the time has come in India’s ecommerce market to target particular segments of customers). We believe customers, wherever they are in India, should be able to buy and get products delivered to them. The differentiator is about how you deliver the customers’ needs and not in trying to create formats. Amazon does that globally and we have been successfully doing that, and India is no different.”

Agarwal,said his company wants to be a platform for anyone trying to find anything. “We want customers to be able to find, discover and buy anything online and any seller to sell anything online that is compliant and legal. If a washing machine breaks down and you are missing a part, you should be able to find it on Amazon and if you want to replace the whole washing machine, you should find that as well,” he said. “We are not a part store or washing machine store but we are the biggest selection.”


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