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Elargir has successfully carried various customized primary research studies for the new businesses, new product launches, New Markets, Brand Image & Positioning, enabling companies to understand the ground realities for better forecasting, product planning, brand repositioning and geographical expansions

We do Industry specific researches including footwear, apparels, Textiles, Food, Beverages, Supermarkets, Consumer goods and other retail. We do Country/region specific research for new investments & business entry.

Other specific category we do include Consumer Behaviour, Product specific, Brand Image etc

Get a glance below of some work we have done to know us better –

CURRENTS – Apple Premium Reseller.

1. Business development analysis considering the product success in the new market by understanding the Consumer Analysis, Competition, existing Sales, Growth trends, demographic profiles, Marketing pattern and overall business revenue growth.

2. Undertook Business Expansion of and Store setting up in East (Kolkata) and various locations at North India

3. Conducted overall business Research for regions in North & East India and now have 4 operational Stores in that region



1. Country and Industry specific Analysis for understanding the Export Market, Distribution scope, Consumer, Competition, Sales, Growth trends, demographic profiles, Marketing pattern and Business growth via strategic tie-ups.

2. Conducted export feasibility for the various product categories and provided insights/database on the main markets.

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Our consultants have the expertise and hands-on industry experience in their fields of specialization and represent a wide variety of functional backgrounds. We have a experts in Market Research with extensive experience and success stories.

Overview of Case Studies
CURRENTS – Apple Premium Reseller.


1. 4 Stores operational since last 4 years in Amritsar,
Chandigarh, Kolkata and Jalandhar.
2. Providing Continuous market research and micro market insights.
3. Promoting the brand in Tier 2 and 3 cities for business revenue maximization.
4. Undertook the business development assignment for setting up business in East and North India
– Read the full Case Study


1. Defined Business plan, Market research on consumer pattern, competition, Pricing and marketing &sales strategy

2. Export Import consulting on legal norms and guidelines

3. Revenue Maximization support in Indian and Singapore Market
– Read the full Case Study

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