Develop retail channels

Develop Sales Channel & Network

With the liberalization in retail, relaxation of FDI policies and better infrastructure; companies are on continuous lookout for growth across regions and unknown territory.

The imperative need for successful execution of the channel development strategy is to look at existing channels suitable for that particular region and at the same time evaluate other options for right return on investment.

What works in one region may not work in another!

Elargir understands retail and help companies to develop their channels by following the suitable business development strategy considering checks, balances and compliances required in different regions, states and countries.

Not only we plan and guide on the retail channel development but we also partner and facilitate the implementation of developing right combination of channels for revenue growth.

We have worked for distributor channel development, franchisee(FOCO) channel development and company owned (COCO) retail channel development considering the demography, economic factors, business factors and local policies.

Be it a departmental Store, Shop-in-Shop, locating wholesalers or retailers; we help retail companies to develop their sales channels organically.

We have helped marquee companies to locate right business partner, develop their distribution network and get strategic locations with high returns & profits starting from the first year. We link and evaluate existing distributors of specific region, look out for investors, find high footfall locations for company owned store and execute the Business development Plan for the company.

If you are looking to develop the brand in different geographies and need support to develop the franchisee network, Elargir assists on identifying investors.

We do
-Planning for developing the Franchisee/Distribution
-prepare the standards & guidelines for Introducing the franchisee network
-introduce Visibility Positioning, facilitate the New Franchisee identification & Mapping
-perform Marketing for getting prospective investors
-evaluate the Investors by overall due diligence of the resources required for successful retail operations
-perform negotiations
-undertake complete Liaisoning for finalisation
-prepare the implementation roadmap & operating procedures for managing the franchisee network efficiently.

Developing Network across regions

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With increasing liberalization across globe, companies are on continuous lookout for Investors across regions for business growth.
Not all brands want to enter into an unknown territory. Elargir has helped companies to locate right business partner. We handle Brands business expansion by way of locating right business partners, doing necessary due diligence and execution of agreements at both the ends.