First impression counts.greatdesign

A website is like a physical shop. A well-designed interior would definitely heighten one’s experience in the shop right from the moment they stepped in. Same goes for your website.

We have designed several websites and are still helping people to do it because we believe, a good-designed website would enhance one’s user experience, produce a desire to read on and eventually lead your customers to contact you.

What do we do?

  1. Identify Current Situation

    Do you need a professional website?
    Not everyone needs a website, some may choose to use Facebook to help them run their businesses. We will sit down
    with you to identify your current situation so as to better  prescribe the best formula to suit your needs.

    You already have a website.
    Some of our customers who came to us already have a running website. They are seeking for professional websit
    e design agency help to revamp their website because most of them thought their website is either outdated or not performing up to standard yet.

  2. Define Problem

    You do not have a website.
    We will identify the problems faced by your businesses and advise if you need a website. Generally, most businesses or organizations have their own website.web-development-approach-steps-1017x1024

    You already have a website.
    We will look at the overall experience and look and feel of your website. Is it the messy layout, the colour scheme, the wrong choice of typeface or too much white space going on in your website.

  3. Define demographic

    Your website look and feel placed a very important factor as it is very much dependent on your product and your demographic. How would you design a university website and a preschool website? Although both fall under the category of Education, their target audience are very different. One would definitely not use a colourful and cutesy background for the university website. In order to create a website that is appropriate, you have to clearly define your demographic.

  4. Creative Execution

    Once we have identified your current situation, problems and demographic, you can leave the rest of the job to us. We will design a website accustomed to your needs. Upon approval, we will develop your website running on a content management system, for ease of use in future, when updating your website.

  5. Testing and Launch

    Upon completion of the website, we will run a few test to ensure it is bug-free and great user experience is achieved. Finally, when it is all ready, we will prepare for Launch!

Skill Expertise

Custom Website
E-Commerce Development
CMS Development
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