Sourcing & Vendor Evaluation

While most organizations implement strategic sourcing initiatives for the purpose of saving money, there are other reason including improving acquisition process, supplier performance and minimizing risk.

We recognize suppliers who can bring value by understand the need and are competitive. Companies gain a significant competitive advantage by strengthening their procurement practices and policies.

We use a fact-based approach to negotiate contracts with suppliers, defines key performance indicators, and puts a process in place to monitor and measure suppliers performance.

Elargir helps businesses to take a fresh look on the existing practice of purchasing the products for lower/ optimizing the costs, improving profits and supply chain management.
We understand –

Assessment of a company’s current spend (what is bought where?)
Assessment of the supply market (who offers what?)
Total cost analyses (how much does it cost to provide those goods or services?)
Product evaluation
Identification of suitable suppliers
Development of a sourcing strategy (where to buy what considering demand and supply situation, while minimizing risk and costs)
Negotiation with suppliers (products, service levels, prices, geographical coverage, etc.)
Implementation of new supply structure
Track results and restart assessment (continuous cycle)

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